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The Sentinel: The Very Beggining
   The Sentinel: The Very Beginning
A fanfic for and based on Madame Macabre’s popular comic The Seer (So awesome) All characters belong to their respected creators. This only made for entertainment purposes only! Thank you!

      Many centuries ago, when the first Seer (the main bridge from the Over Realm to the Under Realm) came to be, they were a blessing. Many beings, who were stranded on the Over Realm who had no way of going back and were hurt and confused, came to the Seer for help and guidance. The Seer could heal them with their enchanting powers.
But soon, some evil and twisted beings, wanted the Seer’s powers for themselves, and would stop at nothing to take them from their master. These beings tried to take them by force, attacking them in cold blood when they didn’t like the answer they gave. Many Seer’s lives ended because of this, and the bloodlines to produce these miracle bringers were ru
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Changes Everything Part 1
Changes Everything
I was only 12, going on 13, when I met them. They were an unbeatable team, out to save and exterminate their home from the duel gangs that dominated every district in the Satellite Sector. I had never heard them at the time, even though everybody else had. They were feared by all of the duel gangs, and those who weren't scared enough, 
were set straight.
They were not merciful, and they wouldn't stop at anything until everything was met to their satisfaction.
They were…
Team Satisfaction.
And they were the most toughest, ruthless, and fearless dual gang in the Satellite Sector.
It all started when a member of the dual gang, The Wizards, ambushed me in a broken street and snatched my card, Baby (the card’s “name”) from my deck. I love that deck, and NO ONE could touch it except for me. And kidnapping a part of it was down right dirty and unacceptable.
It meant retaliation. 
I was young, not very tall. I had white hair that would reach
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Brianna Whitewillow: CreateShake Version by Skybomb333 Brianna Whitewillow: CreateShake Version :iconskybomb333:Skybomb333 1 0 My OC Brianna Whitewillow Redone! by Skybomb333 My OC Brianna Whitewillow Redone! :iconskybomb333:Skybomb333 2 0 Yusei Fudo Drawing Attempt by Skybomb333 Yusei Fudo Drawing Attempt :iconskybomb333:Skybomb333 2 0 Don't Look Up by Skybomb333 Don't Look Up :iconskybomb333:Skybomb333 0 0


Xiaolin Showdown - Elements by Sellovine Xiaolin Showdown - Elements :iconsellovine:Sellovine 935 59 xiaolin showdown dump by animegirl000 xiaolin showdown dump :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 1,104 34 Xiaolin Showdown by ToPpeRa-TPR Xiaolin Showdown :icontoppera-tpr:ToPpeRa-TPR 4,126 302
True Terror is...
Chase Young was not entirely sure where he was at the moment.
His surroundings were pitch black, so much so that even his keen eyesight could make out nothing but darkness, and looking to the floor, he could not even spot an actual floor, leaving him to wonder just what it was he was standing on. There was no sound, only silence, and after a good deal of it, it was becoming unnerving.
All of a sudden, he felt a presence beside him, and as arms curled around his body, he tensed, swiftly turning his head to identify the being.
Almost immediately, however, he relaxed into the embrace at the sight of his young lover clinging to him affectionately, a smile on his face.
“Spicer,” he addressed the boy, “what is going on? Where are we?”
Jack did not answer, only held him tighter and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I love you,” he cooed lovingly.
As always, it pleased the warlord to hear the statement; calmed him to know that this beautiful genius of a boy
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The New Apprentice Chapter 1
Deep in the inner confines of Jack Spicer's "evil" lair, the young boy genius sat at his desk, sketching up new designs for his precious Jack-bots. Hacking into Jack's security system had been no easy feat for Chase, but the immortal Heylin prince managed to disable the bells and whistles that composed of Jack's alarms fairly quickly. He was impressed with how the self-proclaimed "boy genius" had grown over the past few years, now actually making a more respectable name for himself instead of "insect" or "worm". Chase approved, and it was high time that Jack knew it.
When Chase reached the deep confines of Jack's lair, he found the redhead lost in thought and deep in work, his head bowed to the desk and his pencil eagerly sketching away at new robot designs. With his sharp eyesight, Chase could see that the designs were shaping up to be something even more destructive than his last bot. A thrill of wicked glee traced up his spine.
"I'm impressed, Spicer. You've changed so much that eve
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Unbelieveablly, I am Alone
Chase Young was mediating over a high edge that hovered above one of the larger waterfalls in his lair. The rushing sound was most relaxing and he enjoyed quite much, as long as he hadn't had a gallon of water before hand. With a soft sigh, he unfurled his legs and stood up, looking over the cliff at the front entrance. It had been a quiet day, considering that one Jack Spicer hadn't interrupted him during his exercises nor did he appear just to bother him during his leisure-time. It was very much enjoyable.
"It maybe strange that Spicer hasn't come today," Chase stated. "It's quiet here; much more pleasant if you ask me." He stepped lightly to the edge and jumped off, landing with a soft thump that didn't even seem to faze him (lucky bastard). He paced quickly to his study, where he had a relaxing time lounging about, studying up on random subjects of his whims; something he'd never be able to do with Spicer around.
Did I mention that his library was huge, gigantic, and had many a num
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Precieux by BrokenDeathAngel Precieux :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 829 170 Soul Mates - Chase x Jack (2) by Tia4tw Soul Mates - Chase x Jack (2) :icontia4tw:Tia4tw 7 3
Recipe For Success Chpt. 7
Contrary to what you might think, Cassandra wasn't angry after her incident at the Spicer mansion.
Not that she didn't leave upset. She stormed out without so much as looking at the lamely apologizing Jack ,and spent most of the ride home contemplating how best to murder him in his sleep. As she settled into a soothing bath, however, she began to reconsider. There were certain perks that came with having a man mess up, after all. Jack was certain to be terribly worried about her, and willing to be very, very accommodating in order to get back into her good graces.
Her mood improved further as she enjoyed a hastily scheduled massage to sooth her poor shocked muscles. Jack would probably send her a present, something to cheer her up and make her more receptive to his apologies. Maybe a bouquet . . . expensive flowers certainly, like imported orchids or a rare shade of rose.
By the time she was at her stylist's, relaxing in a padded chair as her frazzled hair was revitalized, she fully ex
:iconthemsmeep:TheMsMeep 10 1
Recipe For Success Chpt. 5
This chair was beginning to get way too familiar.
After informing him out of the blue that he was required to attend a party with her, Jack's mother had sent him back to Bobby for an appropriate outfit. Jack was once again facing his reflection in a lighted mirror as Bobby fiddled with his hair, trying to get it in that "perfect party style." They had already spent the better part of two hours finding the perfect clothes, and another trying on matching accessories. Or rather, Bobby had tried them on Jack while Jack stood like a lump.
By this point, he was ready to wear a pink tutu and a mohawk if it would get him out of Bobby's cheerfully annoying clutches.
Bobby gave a sudden huff, abruptly stopping in the middle of brushing Jack's hair. "Alright, that is it." He banged the brush on a counter and pulled a stool over by Jack's chair, crossing his legs and folding his arms as he perched on it.
"You've been in a snit ever since you got here, and I know it's about more than this silly par
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Mature content
Eternal Youth: Epilogue :iconsparklinburgndy:SparklinBurgndy 58 30
Mature content
Eternal Youth 13 :iconsparklinburgndy:SparklinBurgndy 40 10
Mature content
Eternal Youth 12 :iconsparklinburgndy:SparklinBurgndy 43 9
Eternal Youth: Chapter 7
Chase had just reached the kitchen, freshly showered and dressed, when Jack's cries rang through the house. The shrunken lord froze, one hand ready to push open the swinging door into the kitchen.
'Wuya's back!' Little Chase thought instantly.
For a moment Real Chase was inclined to agree, but a deep male voice rattled through the wood like the crack of doom.
“Why the hell are you wearing a dress?! There had better be a non-gay answer!”
“I have stitches!” Jack shrilled in answer. “I . . . fell of a ladder and landed on some metal! I didn't want to wear anything with a waistband!”
“I got a call.” The tone of the voice implied that this was an insult not to be borne. “There was a vast amount of damage done to the Reich Room and Mum is hurt.”
“It -uh – she-she asked me to hang a flag! But I fell off the ladder and landed on one of the display cases! And – uh – the ladder hit her when it fell!”
:iconsparklinburgndy:SparklinBurgndy 43 10
Eternal Youth: Chapter 6
The monk's did have to Showdown for the Bottle of Xian Pu, but it was against Katnappe, not Jack Spicer. However, the cat burglar did hear the monks talking about Jack's odd exit. What really caught her ear was Raimundo's suggestion that Jack had a child at home.
After suffering a humiliating defeat by the Dragon of Earth, who seemed to have gotten over his aversion to fighting girls, Katnappe headed to the Spicer estate to torment Jack and snoop. The cat-lover had been astonished to see Wuya limping away from the mansion, down one arm and her dignity.
None other than Jack Spicer stood in the ruined window watching the Heylin witch flee, with blood on his shining silver sword and murder in his cold red eyes.
Katnappe decided she didn't need to bother Jack just then.
Instead, she had gone to her own home and gotten on her computer. Within moments, the blonde ex-socialite was spreading the news on all the villain forums that Jack Spicer had just sent Wuya away missing a hand, all
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252 deviations
Hi!!! I'm Skybomb333 and I want to share what Yugioh couples I ship and don't ship. I really wanted to do this because it seems fun when other people do it, so I will share my opinions with you guys! YAAAAY! :)

Warning: These are MY opinions! I do not mean to offend anyone or their shippings. There will be shippings on here that I will NOT agree with for my own personal reasons. Please don't hate me! *runs and hides.* And also there will be SPOILERS, so proceed with caution!

Scoopshipping (Carly Carmine/Nagisa and Jack Atlus): During the beginning of the Dark Signer saga, I HATED Jack! The way he gloated how he was the so called "greatest" and "The King" all the time made me want to shove his overly massive ego down his throat. Plus the fact that he stole Yusei's D-Wheel/Duel Runner by tying up his friend and sending him out on a tiny boat to SEA, and tricking Yusei to go in and save Rally so he could steal Yusei's D-Wheel/ Duel Runner (AND YUSEI'S PRIZED CARD) and drive away with it, WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT! That didn't get him any points with me either. But then he gets a well deserved beat down from Yusei, and Carly saves him from a possessed Ushio/Trudge at the hospital while going in disguised as a nurse to get a interview. But instead, she winds up letting him stay at her place and hiding him from the press. She took care of him and tries to mend his spirits about losing his title to Yusei (also trying to get a interview with him without him noticing) Her kindness and thoughtfulness changed him and made him realize that it wasn't money or fame that he needed, it was his friends. Then, when Carly becomes a Dark Signer, Jack goes in and tries to save her from the shadows. When he deafets her, they confess their love and have a touching hug before she dissolved into dust/sparkles. I was CRYING! I was like "NO CARLY! Don't go! Jack NEEDS YOU! YOU CAN'T JUST DIE! WHY?!?!" (I know, I kinda over reacted. But hey, I got caught up in moment ;) ) Then Carly comes back and she loses her memory about EVERYTHING! Jack loses interest, the feelings he had shared with her have MAGICALLY VANISHED and, most importantly, CARLY is BARELY MENTIONED or SEEN in the second season! (most of her appearances is of her cheering Jack on! Come on writers! YOU COULD'VE GIVEN HER A BIGGER ROLE! But NOPE! >:( )I love Scoopshipping! It's my favorite coupling, I just wish it could've developed into the second season. Stupid Writers.

Radarshipping (Carly Carmine/Nagisa and Yusei Fudo): I never thought about this couple before because Carly and Jack are my #1 couple, and plus MY OC, Brianna Whitewillow, (Bio is on my page in my Journals section, labeled as "The Bio" if you want to read it :) ) was always coupled up with Yusei, (Love him!!!) but then I found a story on called Shutter Fancy by the author Troublesome Dragon. I found this story to be addicting for some strange reason and read it all the way to the end and it was a VERY good story! I still read it (I have it bookmarked) and I NEVER get tired of it! I suggest reading it, even if you are a Scoopshipping fan person like me! I like the couple and maybe it could work. Yusei and Carly are both underdogs in my book, so maybe. But still, Yusei is my characters BF and I'm a Scoopshipper for life, but I won't hate to read a Radarshipping story or look at a picture of them. I might just fave it. ;)

Revengeshipping (Misty Lola/Tredwell and Kiryu Kyosuke/Kalin Kessler): This couple makes sense to me. I can just feel it! Bad boy Kiryu and Super model Misty, both from opposite worlds but join together from one encounter that changed them forever: The Dark Signers. Both out for revenge, Kiryu's wish is to destroy Yusei Fudo after he sold him out to The Public Security Maintenance Bureau/Sector Security, and Misty's wish is to avenge her brother's death at the hands of the Arcadia Movement. Both belong to Darkness, and wish for the total destruction of their enemies and for those who stand in their way. King and Queen of Darkness… :) See? If that actually happened in the series, it would've been SO COOL!! :)

Crow and Stephanie: I can't find any shipping name for them, but I love this couple. There is nothing on them really on the Internet, and I like this couple because Crow is HILARIOUS and yet very caring. Stephanie is sweet, but very shy. They would compliment each other well, plus they both don't have a person who crushes on them like Carly crushes on Jack, and Aki/Akiza likes Yusei (way to much I might add.) And Stephanie likes Jack, but Jack doesn't notice her, and Crow is the type of person who could cheer her up. I find them SO CUTE! Why can't there be more stuff on them?!?!
If I could name their shipping name, it would either be:
Lonershipping (since no one is officially crushes on either one of them in the show.)
Adrenalinshipping: (I find Crow the most hyper active person in the show. *besides Rau/Leo* Pair that guy up with a coffee-serving waitress and you got a hyper active dude full of adrenalin! *I just hope he'll calm down before he starts driving! LOL!*)
Brownbridshipping: (since coffee is brown and Crow has a bird name and deck theme… you can see where this is going. ;) )
That's my list! I just wish they had a official shipping name… :(

Faithshipping (Aki/Akiza and Yusei Fudo): No. Just… No. And It's not because I'm a HUGE Yusei fangirl. I just can't stand Aki! She's SO needy in the second season! Every other sentence is literally, "Yusei…" IT. IS. SO. ANNOYING!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Aki… in the first season. Even though she attacked Yusei in both duels they were in, and even after she found out what Sayer/Divine true intentions were for her and the Arcadia Movement, SHE'S STILL HAPPY TO SEE HE IS ALIVE! I get that he saved her, but it was for the wrong purpose. But I got past all that, and thought about how awesome and kickass she would be in the second season, but NO! She is reduced to a generic female character. If she was like her first season self, I wouldn't mind the couple. But, she's now reduced to a clingy fangirl, showing a lot of cleavage with her outfits, begging for attention. Why couldn't Aki be kickass? DAMN YOU WRITERS!!!!!

Did you like the list? Sorry if I offended anyone! Have something to add? Completely disagree? Post them in the comments. Love you guys! :) :)


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